About VIS

VIS, LLC emerged from US Steels Research Lab in March of 1984. VIS’s owners established the utilization of thermography as a valuable tool for evaluating equipment and facilities in the steel industry. VIS work set the standard for the use of thermography in the steel industry that continues today. The original thermographic equipment was crude, bulky and slow.

Today, VIS uses the most technologically advanced infrared systems available for on-site non-destructive industrial inspections. And with a standard operating procedure of continuous improvement VIS ensures our report(s) accuracy by using only calibrated and accurate equipment. Each staff technician is ISO and ANST certified by a national accrediting body and OSHA trained.

In addition VIS pioneered the use of photo and video cameras as another form of predictive and preventative maintenance. Specially constructed camera systems were developed by our staff to inspect blast furnaces, glass furnaces, kilns, ovens, industrial stoves and other high temperature environments.

Answering the customer need for a “one-stop-shop” in Predictive Maintenance Technologies, VIS has added Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring, On-Site dynamic balancing, laser alignment and Ultrasonic Inspection services to it’s offerings. Each vibration specialist is ISO and ANST certified.

VIS strives to provide world class, cutting-edge predictive and preventative inspection services to a wide range of industry. The following is a list of inspection services that VIS offers: