PHANTOM Wireless Monitoring

The most powerful, integrated, open and cost-effective remote wireless system. True 100% wireless vibration, temperature, speed, or amperage sensors with local or cloud network database storage via your wifi, ethernet or cellular connection.

Introducing PHANTOM – Vibration Monitoring System 

Phantom is a wireless vibration monitoring system that integrates other parameters such as temperature, current, RPM and speed into a single diagnostic system. In addition, Phantom sensors have a battery life that lasts between 3 to 6 years and are very easy to install.

Equally important, Phantom can send data to a local database or to the EI Analytic cloud-based server, allowing instant access to your machine data using any device such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

No Software Costs

Phantom Vibration Monitoring System includes the powerful vibration analysis software DigivibeMX® without any limitation. With DigivibeMX®, you can perform a deep analysis on each spectrum, waveform and signal, as well as trend vibration amplitudes.

For analysis on the run, use the mobile app Wiser Vibe available for iOS application from your phone or tablet.

Wireless Technology

Phantom vibration monitoring system uses ultra-low power BLE 5.0 technology. Therefore, Phantom wireless sensors can reach a useful life of 3 to 6 years without the need to change the battery. Additionally, this technology is the most reliable in the market, providing distance ranges of up to 500 feet with no obstacles and 300 feet in line-of-sight with competing Bluetooth signals.

Furthermore, our wireless sensors have been successfully tested, even inside grounded metal cabinets, reaching distances of up to 150 feet. When more distance is needed between the sensor and the gateway, simply add repeaters for ultra long distances. Each Gateway can support up to 75 sensors, making this system very affordable and 100% scale-able. 

For the ultimate in Plug-N-Play convenience, VIS has designed the Phantom System components into an easy to transport and install case that only needs to be plugged in to your power supply. Collect data within minutes of startup. Each System Kit is customizable to meet your needs with either wifi / ethernet or cellular gateway connection. Other NEMA enclosures are available upon request.

For the Ultimate in convenience and value…. the Phantom Wireless System is in a class all its own.

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