IRIS M allows you to see movement that is invisible to the human eye

Motion Amplification videos are produced within seconds of data collection

This patented technology platform is capable of measuring motion, vibration, and displacement not visible to the human eye. Using standard video camera technology in conjunction with RDI methods and processing algorithms, meaningful data can be extracted.

This technology virtually turns every pixel in the camera’s view into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with sub pixel accuracy. The results naturally lend themselves to a visualization of the motion across a wide customer base.

IRIS M - Enhancing Vision - Powered by Motion Amplification

Iris M™ by RDI Technologies is powered by Motion Amplification software, which measures deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. Motion Amplification was designed to produce an easy-to-understand amplified video of motion, which enables users to assess critical operations, assets, processes, and structural components that affect plant reliability and productivity.
The ability to visualize vibration in near real time, that is highly accurate and measurable will launch your maintenance program into the 21st century.

IRIS M™ by RDI Technologies is changing the way the world monitors machinery and industrial operations. Far more than a data collection tool, IRIS M is a comprehensive industrial solution.

For the first time ever, IRIS M allows you to see movement that is invisible to the human eye. By turning millions of pixels in todays modern cameras into virtual sensors, the IRIS M allows you to see the motion, measure the motion and quickly solve your toughest problems.

In today’s world, most companies have analysis paralysis, in other words, they are buried in so much information that they cannot prioritize or manage the data. IRIS M gives you more data but shows you where to focus your analysis and visually ques you into the root cause.

No matter what tools you currently use in your Reliability Based Maintenance program, the IRIS M will complement them and can help make you more efficient, accurate and add a new level of data analysis.

IRIS M simultaneously monitors all points of your process and machinery and it does this with no impact to your flow of business. IRIS M does not require equipment to be manipulated or altered. It provides a comprehensive analysis while the machinery is operating.

IRIS M’s motion amplification software produces an easy to understand amplified video of motion across your equipment or machinery which enables far more effective communication between technical and non-technical personnel, which in turn enhances decision making.

IRIS M saves you time and money. Motion Amplification videos are produced within seconds of data collection. Once you see the motion you can measure the precise amount of motion at any point in the image as many times as you want. You can then apply a filter on any measurement and see how that motion is affecting your entire asset.

RDI Technologies wants to take your operations to the next level a level where you can see the invisible, where you can instantly turn data into actionable information and where you are an immediate problem solver.

With RDI Technologies Seeing is Believing

Fault Types That Can Be Visualized:

  • Piping Vibration
  • Reciprocating Engine and  Compressor Motion
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Soft Foot
  • Structural Looseness
  • Resonance
  • Structural Cracks
  • Duct and Vessel Wall Deflections
  • Structural Stiffness and Support
  • Torsional Twisting, Bending, and Flexing
  • Excessive Transient Loading
  • Ineffective Damping
  • Vibration Screen Motion Analysis
  • Oscillating Motion Analysis
  • Cavitation, Hydraulic, and Aerodynamic Forces
  • Drive Transmission Faults, Belts, Chains, Coupling, Cardan Shafts

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