Motor Testing – PdMA

The goal of MCA...
...health of the motor.

The goal of MCA is to ascertain the health of the motor.

MCA Solutions is accomplished through the detection of electrical imbalances in the motor and the detection of insulation degradation.

MCA test modes:

  1. Online Testing – tests are conducted while the motor is operating under normal conditions.
    • Current Analysis – Focus’s on rotating components. Failure modes detected include: Loose or broken rotor bars, cracked end rings, rotor eccentricity, misalignment and coupling and/or belt issues.
    • Voltage Analysis – Focus’s on Power Quality issues like: voltage variations, harmonics and voltage imbalance.
  2.  Offline Testing – tests are conducted while the motor is De-energized.
    • Motor Circuit Defects – Capacitance, Inductance, impedance and resistance to ground.

Your Road Map to Reliability should include Motor Circuit Analysis from VIS