Electrical Inspection

Keep Your Electrical Distribution Systems Safe and Reliable

Through the proper use of an infrared electrical inspection program, the operator can enhance his fiscal position. Cost cutting benefits include:

  • Saving Energy
  • Protecting Capital Equipment Investment
  • Speed of Inspection Process and Diagnosis
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Reduction of Unscheduled Outages
  • Worker Safety
  • Verifying Repair Work

Increasingly, infrared thermography is being utilized in facility preventive maintenance programs. Infrared is a form of non-contact, non-destructive testing used to detect and document heat patterns and associated temperatures on a given object’s surface. Therefore, an infrared inspection of electrical equipment is performed while equipment is under load conditions. The inspection will not interfere with normal equipment operation. Performed on a routine basis, these inspections can help identify various equipment problems before they become failures.

Identifying problem areas can reduce unplanned shutdowns and allows for scheduling of repairs. Such problems can occur because of loose or oxidized connections, worn insulation, and overloads in system components including:

  • Transmission and Distribution Lines
  • Cable Splices
  • Insulators and Lightning Arresters
  • Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers, Relays, or Fuses
  • Disconnects and Switches
  • Bus Ducts and Cables
  • Motor and Generator Windings and Brushes
  • Heating Devices

Inspections can confirm new equipment reliability and pinpoint trouble spots during the warranty period.

Infrared thermography is an effective preventative maintenance solution because it is highly reliable and economically practical. At Visual Inspection Systems, we work hand in hand with plant maintenance departments to:

  • Establish and Maintain Inspection Routes
  • dentify Potential Problems On Site
  • Prioritize Items that Need Repair
  • Maintain Inspection Cycles

“VIS is Dedicated to Keeping Electrical Distribution Systems Safe and Reliable”

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